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The technology we work with

We use a number of cleaning techniques, products and machines. Here is a selection of our helpers, without which we could not do without.

Santoemma Sabrina maxi

The head can spray the product evenly and the special profile of the suction head reduces drying time.

The 300 mbar high-waterlift system allows Santoemma Sabrina to remove the maximum amount of dirt and reduces drying time.

Carpet detangler Sebo DUO

Includes two counter-directional brushes that comb through carpet fibers and work with cleaners to get deep into the carpet and around each fiber.

SEBO DUO lifts the carpet pile and ensures that all fibre surfaces are cleaned, leaving your carpet revitalised and softer.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

We use eco-friendly cleaning products that do not contain bleach which could damage your upholstered furniture, sofas or carpets during cleaning. 

We work with agent technology that goes quickly into the depths of dirt and grease. It then dries to a hard, non-sticky crystal that is easy to vacuum and allows for a longer lasting and better appearance between cleaning cycles.

With these products, we can combat the worst dirt and restore your furniture to its original condition.

We also work with natural fibres using means that:

  • They do not contain any detergent and shampoo.
  • They do not contain any enzymes, oxidizing or reducing agents.
  • They do not contain bleaching agents or optical brighteners.


As well as one of our FINELINE products - its composition was ahead of its time. It is a high-performance and safe product that provides unrivalled cleaning results with all carpet and upholstery cleaning systems.

We also use other Specialty products from world leaders in the cleaning industry such as CHEMSPEC, Pioneer Eclipse or AmtechUK.

These are our results...